Mike Naylor

Mathematical Artist, Teacher, Researcher
Trondheim, Norway


• Matematikkhuset – developing math rooms, courses, and resourses for schools.

• Naked Geomety artwork – mathematics created with the human body.

• Mike Naylor's Math Blog – curiosities, pictures, animations, ideas.

• Books by Michael Naylor
Maggie and the Abacaba Genies
Abacaba Illustrated
Abacaba Unabridged

• Abacaba.org! – amazing pattern, amazing connections.  Read the article, get activities, children's story, music, and art.

• Juggling animations

• PuzzleWise – standards-based puzzle books and test prepartion program, grades 1-8.

• Nasjonalt Senter for Matematikk i Opplζrningen – Trondheim, Norway.

• Teaching K-8 – author of Integrating Math in Your Classroom department

• Resources – additional materials referenced in courses, presentations, papers, etc.

Contact me: abacaba (at) gmail.com